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With Outdoor Accent Wall Lighting, Toronto Homeowners Save Time, Money And Headaches!

There are lots of way to make sure that your home represents who you are and what you like. Whether it’s through painting, exterior architectural accents, landscaping or outdoor furniture, the options available to homeowners looking to have a personalized home exterior are many. One of those that is sometimes overlooked is the importance and versatility of exterior accent lighting. By installing permanent, customizable LED light strips, you can literally brighten up your homestead. By opting for LEDs for their outdoor accent wall lighting, Toronto home owners save time, money and headaches over the lifetime of their homes, and reap all kinds of other benefits besides.

Safe And Efficient


We’ve all heard about the energy savings involved in LED light fixtures, but there’s more to it than just ‘going green’. By using many times less power for the same light output, not only are you being environmentally conscious, you’re also being money smart by cutting your energy costs. Compared to older incandescent lights, you’ll spend just a fraction on the power consumed by modern LED fixtures. The reason older lights are so inefficient is that so much of the power they use is wasted generating heat – a lot of it. The heat not only makes them burn out far faster than their LED counterparts, but can even make them a fire hazard in closed, contained areas, depending on the materials used to house them. With LEDs, none of those are issues. The lights last longer, and direct all their energy towards doing what they’re supposed to: creating light. This means that you have to change them far less frequently (think years or even decades, not months), and that means that having them in permanent, enclosed fixtures is no problem at all. No worried about them breaking or being accidentally removed or dislodged, and no worries about the heat the generate causing damage.

Anything You Want Them To Be


The other enormous benefit to programmable LED lighting is that it can fit literally any taste you have – even when your tastes change.


If you want some green on St. Patrick’s Day, some orange at Halloween and an array of festive colours at Christmas, you’re all set. Just click a few buttons and you have personalized accent lighting for your party, or just to get the neighbourhood in the mood for the holidays. Conversely, if you want something a little more neutral and low-key, you can have that too. What other set-up lets your Christmas lights double as home security lighting with just the touch of a button?


Whether your main interest is in spicing up your exterior home décor, making Christmas light season easier, or replacing your old, inefficient lights with modern LED outdoor accent wall lighting, Toronto homeowners who have taken the plunge can tell you that you will not regret it. Save yourself time, money, energy and hassle by switching to energy-efficient, long-lasting, fully customizable LED lights right now!